Walter Weber

Filmmaker, Content Creator & Coach 
I'm a filmmaker based in Munich, specialized in filming event videos for tech companies.

My passion is filming events - especially in the tech industry. See more

I'm a YouTuber and Content Creator helping other filmmakers achieve new skills. YouTube

I'm also coaching people in the wedding industry. If you want to learn more, check my online course Hochzeitsvideo Pro


Eventvideo Filmmaker

Hi, I'm Walter.

I'm a filmmaker, content creator and coach. 

My background comes from studying

commercial information technology. Since tech is one of my favorite things in life I managed to connect it with my passion and job. 

It was always a dream for me to work with big tech brands.

I get to see a lot of new technology during events and love to connect with others, as well to talk about it with them. 


Contact me

so we can create creative projects together  |  +49 (0) 1590 436 44 16
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